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INDIAN MINERALS & MARKETS FORUM 2019 has given us the opportunity to get closer to the other raw material Asian giant. During 19th and 20th November, our colleagues Alex Aizpurua and Asier Gastaminza visited Mumbai taking part on this event. A meeting point with the different players on the raw material industry from India and […]

GRAPHITE CONFERENCE 2019 and 62 ICR-International Colloquium on Refractories

Our colleagues Juan Carlos Aizpurua and Asier Gastaminza took part in 2019 GRAPHITE CONFERENCE held in Berlin (Germany) during 10th and 11th of September, event arranged by FASTMARKETS. It was an excellence opportunity to go in depth in knowledge of one of the materials and industries with biggest future. And on 25th and 26th December […]

MAGFORUM 2019 Bilbao

Once again, MIDEGASA was present in one of the most relevant global encounter of raw materials. Juan Carlos Aizpurua and Asier Gastaminza represented MIDEGASA during MAGFORUM (INFORMED) in Bilbao (Spain) during 12, 13 and 14th June. Many of the most relevant companies in the Magnesite field and its applications took part there. A great pride […]


The 3rd of April our colleagues from the plant in Tarragona visited us in our headquarters in Asteasu. We shared together a complete working day, exchanging knowledge, experience and great moments. It was a perfect opportunity to strengthen relations between colleagues that helped us to feel even more part of an exceptional human group of […]


During days 8-9 and 10th April, Alex Aizpurua and Asier Gastaminza represented MIDEGASA in the RENDEZVOUS event in Paris organised by IMFORMED. A great opportunity to share experiences with many ‘players’ from all the raw material supply chain. #Alex Aizpurua offered an interesting conference concerning the raw material traders’ future and our vision of how […]


In MIDEGASA we work with natural resources, we live from them and we are in debt with the Earth’s sustainability. Our merchandising campaign for 2019 is focused on ecological products manufactured in wood, jute, cotton and recycled paper. A wink to the environment


As part of the 2019 training activities in MIDEGASA, our colleague Asier Gastaminza attended the 2nd edition of the Engineering Training Course in Refractories held in Sevilla (Spain) on the 11th-12th-13- and 14th of March and organised by ANFRE (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Refractory Materials and Related Services). An excellent opportunity to improve our […]


On the 4th, 5th and 6th March, our colleague Alex Aizpurua took part in the MINERAL RECYCLING FORUM 2019 hosted in Krakow (Poland) and organised by our friends of IMFORMED. In MIDEGASA we are very aware of the present and future relevance of the recycled materials in the industry. This is the reason why we […]


Everyone’s effort has leaded one more year to fulfil our training goals. Almost 600 working hours in subjects such as French, English, International Commerce and Refractory Industry guide us to keep on increasing capabilities with the aim of improving even more our excellent service levels to our customers and suppliers. We express our gratitude to […]


We are back from the summer season with renewed energies. The 10th, 11th and 12th of September we have taken part in the “China Refractory & Abrasive Minerals Forum”, held in Shanghai (China). A perfect chance to learn, approach and work closely the peculiarities of the Asian giant and its futures prospects. Back to Europe, […]