Guiding principles for customer care

Our work is not over until the customer is completely satisfied and happy. We put ourselves in your place and, like a chameleon, we adapt to your needs.

We derive pleasure from being able to find the best local solution in our international network of collaborators. We get so involved in our role, that we often think that we ourselves are the customer. And the most important thing is that we strengthen our personal relationship with you.

Our aim is for our relationship to be long-lasting, to reach the diamond anniversary at least.

SERVICE is the philosophy of the company, which all our colleagues put into practice. We try to please and solve problems for all of our customers and suppliers. It is not often that, by doing everything in our power, we are unable to please our customer/supplier and then we try to look at the problem from another perspective (we put our creativity into gear) and look for another solution. Our work is not over until our customers or suppliers are satisfied.

We are your warehouse. Sleep peacefully. We always have a stock of the raw materials that you are looking for.

Creative solutions optimised for you.

Every passing day is important. We are aware of our customers’ demands.

The word “impossible” does not exist in our dictionary. There is always a solution to every problem. If a problem has no solution, it is not a problem but a fact. We are chameleon-like and adapt to any possible scenario.

At your disposal whenever necessary.

Today we are aware that there are no walls and transparency is vital. We always put our cards on the table. In addition, being honest and fair is in our DNA.